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Cuck This Cock Into Submission

Shame is what really gets you off. You want to build a rapport with a hot lady, really get to know and like her, and then have her fuck other people and tell you how good they were. That very thought gets you hard. The idea that a hottie you are totally into is giving it up to others and just loving it, and then bringing all that back to you and flaunting it. The shame play just gets your cock so hard you can barely stand it. You want to know how inadequate you are. You want to be told how you’ll never be good enough, and then be forced to watch your favorite lady play with other men and women. This dynamic isn’t always easy to make happen in relationships, without it possibly damaging the relationship in ways that make it not work. What can you do to fulfill this kink, without causing too much damage to your already existing relationships? Time to visit the cuckold cams of Ladiesdomination. There are pro doms just waiting to properly humiliate you once you’ve established a caring exchange. There will be plenty that will tease you and fuck other people in front of you, listening to the sounds of you being insecure on the other end of the cam, as they tell you all the ways that they’re being pleasured. You won’t have to worry anymore about getting strange looks from your partner when you ask to shamed by them, because the fem doms on this site are just waiting to do it for you.

You’ve Been Cucked

“What is cuckolding?” you ask. Does it have something to do with chickens? The short answer to that is: NO. What cuckolding is, is when a woman has sex with other men or women, to prey on the insecurity of her male partner, and he enjoys it. It’s a type of shaming play that comes up quite often in the BDSM world. If you find that a bit of humiliation kind of excites you, then this might be a kink that suits you. Try it out. See if cuckolding works for you by exploring with some cam models that can’t wait to start laying down some shame.

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